Computer Talk: Why Google Is Buying Fitbit (11/2/19) - Part 2

Computer Talk With TAB
Saturday, November 2nd
A warning for iPhone 5 users: Update now or risk losing significant features.  A listener looks for a way to transfer data from an old computer to a new computer, and if he should pay for professional service for the transfer, and about possible privacy concerns.  Also, he wonders if he should rent a modem from the cable company or buy one of his own.  Binge-watching Netflix and streaming of pornography is contributing to millions of tons of carbon emissions, say researchers.  A Mac user wonders what to do after his Time Machine backup drive is full with no more disk space.  Also, he asks about the convenience of streaming services when "cutting the cord" and dropping cable television service with the cable company.   Another caller asks how to get a reliable phone service so he can continue to work from home from a rural area.  We recommend using an Internet phone service like ooma.  A caller warns about a phishing scam by people pretending to be from Apple. A listener seeks a way to access his doctor's secure health information portal if he cannot access his mobile phone.