The Connection: Funding For Crime Victim Programs (11/3/19)

The Connection
Sunday, November 3rd
On this week’s program, hosts Ann Baldwin and Beth Connor speak with Yolanda Ortiz and Erica Mastroianni, both Regional Coordinators with VOCA.  The Victims of Crime Act, passed in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan, created the Victims of Crime Act Fund, or VOCA Fund, to be a protected and dedicated source of funding for crime victim programs.  Nearly 4 million victims a year are served by more than 4,000 local and state victim service agencies funded by VOCA. Here in Connecticut, VOCA serves as a resource and an advocate for many victims of crimes.  VOCA also supports victim assistance for those involved in the federal criminal justice system, including survivors of terrorist acts.  On this show, we learn about the organization’s reach throughout Connecticut and how they can be a valuable resource for those have been a victim of crime. You don’t want to miss this show