At Home CT 6/9/19

WTIC Public Affairs
Sunday, June 9th
Guests: Dr. Jaclyn Olsen-Geriatrician in the UConn Center  on Aging at UConn Health in Farmington and Lenny Ferri-a 99 year old resident of  Avon Health Center and a decorated World War 2  veteran.
Subject: Successful Aging. Dr. Olsen says successful aging, a term established in the 1980's basically means being free of disability or disease, have high cognitive and physical abilities and being able to interact with others in a meaningful way. Lenny says   he attends   just about every event or activity at Avon Health Center. He says it is important to keep your mind active and says they have many games they play which helps residents do that. Dr. Olsen is also a transitionlist, a doctor who specializes in transitional care, which is any change in location, such as hospital to home or hospital to rehab or any changes in providers.