Todd Feinburg 7/9/18: Doom of the Dems?

Todd Feinburg
Monday, July 9th
President Trump's SCOTUS nominee was announced tonight... what does this mean for abortion and Roe v. Wade? What is the future of abortion in the U.S.? The president of the Boston City Council is pushing for right to vote for noncitizens. And Stephen Gilles, con law Quinnippiac, talks Trump's SCOTUS nominee and abortion. Ben Davol, owner of Dromana Strategies, a public affairs consulting firm and a freelance writer // Doom of the Dems, talks failed strategy and says "I predict the Dems will not win back the House or Senate and in CT will lose the majority in both chambers. Gov race still a jump ball. They could win it ALL.... but each time they have a decision they go with emotion instead of being strategic."