What Divides Us 029: Saving the Electoral College with Dr. Robert Hardaway (06/29/20)

What Divides Us
Monday, June 29th
If you listen to their talking points and knew nothing more about our Constitution, the proponents of the National Popular Vote might convince you that the Electoral College is bad - it's undemocratic, they'd argue, usurping the popular vote so the people don't get to choose the president. It gives too much power, they'd add, to small states with tiny populations, and strips power away from bigger states like California - even weakening the voices of minority voters. But Dr. Robert Hardaway argues that the reason JFK spearheaded the opposition and succeeded in blocking the destruction of the Electoral College in 1956, as pursued by power hungry Republicans, in order to defend democratic values. Dr. Hardaway's book is "Saving the Electoral College: Why the National Popular Vote Would Undermine Democracy." He is this week's guest on What Divides Us.

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