Computer Talk with TAB

Since 1995, Computer Talk with TAB has been on the air live each week
providing an in-depth practical view of computers and their place in our
everyday lives. A Computer Radio Program for everyone! Erik Semmel from TAB
Computer Systems hosts the show and provides real time answers to caller’s
questions. To keep the topics fresh and informative, guests are brought in as
a result of listener’s questions and suggestions. The show is geared
towards the everyday computer user with questions about how their computer
works and how to fix it when there is a problem.

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Computer Talk 6/16/18 Hr 1

Saturday, June 16th
Erik and Bob take your questions. Why people still crash when using automated car driving systems. State inspector caught misusing computer while on the job...

Computer Talk 6/16/18 Hr 2

Saturday, June 16th
James Comey found using personal GMail account to conduct FBI business. A listener expresses concerns about using the Avast Internet browser and also wants to...

Computer Talk 6/9/18 Hr 2

Saturday, June 9th
A caller wants an opinion on whether a Mac mini or Windows PC is better for a new computer gift. A caller has problems with his monitor unexpectedly going to...

Computer Talk 6/9/18 Hr 1

Saturday, June 9th
Erik and Bob take your questions. Tesla worker filmed allegedly asleep with Autopilot active. National Transportation Safety Board issues scathing report in...

Computer Talk 6/2/18 Hr 2

Saturday, June 2nd
A caller asks about GoNetSpeed, a new fiber optic high speed Internet service available in select areas in Connecticut. A caller with Windows 10 has difficulty...

Computer Talk 6/2/18 Hr 1

Saturday, June 2nd
Erik and Bob take your computer questions. Federal government opens probe into Bitcoin price manipulation. Outage in credit card payment processing disrupts...