Computer Talk with TAB

Since 1995, Computer Talk with TAB has been on the air live each week
providing an in-depth practical view of computers and their place in our
everyday lives. A Computer Radio Program for everyone! Erik Semmel from TAB
Computer Systems hosts the show and provides real time answers to caller’s
questions. To keep the topics fresh and informative, guests are brought in as
a result of listener’s questions and suggestions. The show is geared
towards the everyday computer user with questions about how their computer
works and how to fix it when there is a problem.
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Computer Talk 9/28/19 Hr 1

Saturday, September 28th
Erik and Bob take your technology questions. Samsung introduces "foldable" cell phone for $1,980. A security researcher says that there is an "unmatchable" bug...

Computer Talk 9/28/19 Hr 2

Saturday, September 28th
A caller has suggestions for improving wireless speed on an iPad by changing WiFi "channels" on his wireless router. A Windows 10 Professional administrator...

Computer Talk 9/21/19 Hr 2

Monday, September 23rd
A caller running an old copy of Windows XP wants to try to install Windows XP on a newer computer in order to run older music software. An avid radio listener...

Computer Talk 9/21/19 Hr 1

Monday, September 23rd
Erik and Bob take your questions. Hotelier and House Representative Ed Case from Hawaii hopes to stop Internet home rental Internet platforms like Airbnb. T-...