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Todd Feinburg: Tom Scott (10/15/19)

Tuesday, October 15th
Tom Scott joins us for a conversation on tolls and the failure of leaders like Len Fasano, and potential leaders like Bob Stefanowski, to offer clear,...

Todd Feinburg: Sam Feinburg (10/15/19)

Tuesday, October 15th
Todd's nephew Sam Feinburg wants to cure the political divide. So he organized a meeting of more than 500 Americans to test their responsiveness to a 3 day...

Todd Feinburg: Molly Gill (10/15/19)

Tuesday, October 15th
We talk to Molly Gill of prison reform group FAMM about ways to make prisons cost less and serve the state better. In particular, this would require lowering...

Todd Feinburg: Len Suzio (10/14/19)

Monday, October 14th
Former state Senator Len Suzio drops in for a discussion on the plundering of the state - our favorite topic - and the damage forthcoming from a 50% hike in...