WTIC Tag Sale

Sun: 10AM

Your “trash” could be someone else’s “treasure”.  Each Sunday the “WTIC Tag Sale” provides you the opportunity to “sell” items to WTIC listeners.  Glenn Colligan hosts each Sunday morning (9am – noon).  Whether you are looking to unload old furniture or sell stuff after spring cleaning, the WTIC Tag Sale is your chance to call in, describe your items and name your price.

The first Sunday of January, April, July and October are dedicated to auto sales.  So if you are looking to sell or buy a used car you won’t want to miss those shows!

You must call DURING THE SHOW to announce your items for sale.  860-522-9842.

The rules for calling into the Tag Sale:

  • One call per 30 days
  • You can mention up to 3 items
  • You can not mention:  firearms, cars (except during an auto tag sale special), real estate, mattresses or box springs

If you are looking for information you have heard on the Tag Sale call 860-677-6700 x100.
Our receptionist will have the list of items and will be happy to help during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm).